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My name is Hristo Kalaidzhiev - the Design Ninja. The road to being on of the best graphic designers is very long and even harder than that, but I plan on walking it all the way, so stay with me and let us enjoy the best things life can give us.

UI/UX Designer & Web Developer.

I work in the field of design and graphic design more than 10 years now. Oh, and yea - I know Photoshop.

  • Birthday: October 1986
  • Website:
  • Phone: +359 8822 45936
  • City: Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Age: 35
  • Degree: Master
  • Inbox:
  • Freelance: Available

I go in for graphic design for many years, but mainly as an amateur. The discovery that I want to do professional graphic design, and this is my profession that will bring me the most happiness and enjoyment, came a few years ago. Now I try to devote whole the passion and attention and time of which I am capable. Which is not much, by the way…

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Years since First acquaintance with Photoshop

Projects Finished

Beers Missed :(


Cats Killed


HTML 100%
CSS 95%
JavaScript 60%
Google Ads 90%
OpenCart 95%
WordPress/CMS 80%
Photoshop 100%
UX / CRO95%



The DesignNinja

Innovative and deadline-driven Web Designer with 10+ years of experience designing and developing user-centered web sites, web apps and design materials from initial concept to final, with an edge for ecommerce convertion rate optimisation.

  • Mladost 4, Sofia, BG
  • +359 8822 45936

Certification and Skills

Google Ads Display Mastery Certification

Google Ads
Display Advertising

Proven ability to ability to develop effective Display strategies and campaigns that achieve specific marketing goals.

December 2019, Completion ID: 38958577

LinkedIn Skill Assessment Badges

MS Excel
Adobe Illustrator

Passed the following LinkedIn skill exams for experts: HTML, CSS, Git,jQuery, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Illustrator


Google Ads Search Certification

Google Ads
Search, SEO

Proven ability to building and optimizing Google Search campaigns.

December 2019, Completion ID: 42602893

Professional Experience

Web Developer & UX Specialist

2018 - Present

Ivet Shop, Warsaw, PL

  • ☑ Front End Developer at IVET MARKET GROUP.
  • ☑ Lead Web Designer at IVET MARKET GROUP.
  • ☑ Lead Google Ads manager (Display Advertising and DSA expert, Google Shopping expert)
  • ☑ Helping growth and developing new channels and strategies for the Online marketing department.

Senior Designer, Marketing & UX Specialist

2016 - 2018

Alleop Group, Sofia, BG

  • ☑ Responsible for the growth and development of
  • ☑ Digital Marketing specialist at
  • ☑ Head of Graphic Design at Sapir Bulgaria Ltd.
  • ☑ Responsible for the Online department marketing development and strategy.
  • ☑ CMS (Opencart) expert and webmaster of the Project.

Freelance Designer

2014 - 2018


Doing Freelance services for all kinds of design, includinng but not only: Logo Design, Graphic Design, Web Design and Print Design.

Want to see what I can do for you?

This is my Design Portfolio – take a look around & don’t be shy! You can also find something about me here and also some means to contact me. If you actually are Bulgarian – намери ме от тук.
You have probably been invited anyway, so if you liked what you saw, give me a Job.
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  • eCommerce
  • Card & Logo
  • Web






Web + Logo

Web + Logo




LP Cover / Hero Image



Joan BG New Site





Crazy Race

LP Cover / Hero Image

Flash Sale

LP Cover / Hero Image

Black Friday Sale

LP Cover / Hero Image


Web Catalog


Web Catalog



What definition can be made for a good Graphic Designer + Web Designer + UX specialist?

Data Analysis

Good decisions are made with good and practical analysis - data driven decision combined with solid experience is what gives the edge in being better than your competitor.

Page Speed optimisation

Google Lighthouse and Google Page Speed Insights optimisations are vital! I can give you proper consultation and eventually - boost your SEO and UX by speeding up your website.

Open Source CMS

OpenCart, Wordpress, WooCommerse, PrestaShop, Magento development and customisation.


Video Editing and Creating - Videos are the most engaging and beneficial when interacting with your audience and clients.


Building quality online shops has been my speciality for a decade. It is what I'm best at.


Banko Stoyanov


Не мога да си представя по-добра работа за по-малко пари – Христо е супер и предлага страхотни услуги на минималните за пазара цени.


Kristina Angelova

Искам да ви Благодаря за търпението, което имахте с нас. Наистина надминахте нашите очаквания. Надявам се и в бъдеще да си бъдем полезни!

Geomil Georgiev


Много добър специалист, вече имам три сайта направени от него. Не пропускам да го препоръчам на приятели.

Елмира Лазарова


Страхотен екип, много ефикасни. Направиха моят магазин и бизнес по-добри, отколкото съм мечтала и все още ме подкрепят.

Stefano Gabrieli


Sono estremamente felice di incontrare Hristo. Mi ha aiutato con la creazione di diversi siti e con gli annunci..



Pancharevo, 1137 Sofia, BULGARIA



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