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Expose Your Portfolio

In the portfolio section you can display your works consisting of screenshots and additional information such as description, short description, URL, date of completion, etc. Moreover you can add not just one, but as many images to one portfolio item for better visual guidance.

Quality Guarantee

You’re guaranteed to use the best services and products, which meet the highest standards of graphic design.

Personal Approach

Design is a different matter for every single person, so maximum efficiency requires individual approach for each and every customer.

Free Consultation

Consult with me Free of charge and at any time, as I try to keep communications up 24/7. I will, every single time, try my best to answer your call in 24 hours.


Additional support is something new for graphic design, but not for me – you can contact me for support in the most comfortable way for you and whenever you need it. Be bold but not too bold :)

High ROI

Your ROI will be higher, as you optimize your CPA, CPM and CTR with astonishing design and visual perception.

Cost Effective

My services are not that cheap, but I will never make you pay twice for the same thing and graphic design.
Efficient = Cost Effective.

Complete Satisfaction

You can rely on me to finish the Job, and always deliver a happy ending while working together. That said – unlimited revisions are guaranteed to meet my clients needs!

Project Management

I can answer any need with my team. If your Project needs proper Management – you should send me the details Right Now! Thorough careful planning and the right time management every goal can be achieved promptly.

Identity Design
Corporate Identity Design
Polygraphy | Prints Design



Some of the testimonials from my work here and around are show:
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Banko Stoianov - ADX.bg
Excellent designer and great professional! I tend to use him for most of my projects now.
Rise To Lead Logo Design
His service is fantastic! I am not so easy to work with person, but Hristo had patience and a professional attitude until the end. I am happy to have worked with him.