Hristo Kalaidzhiev - the design ninja
Hristo Kalaidzhiev – the design ninja

My Story

I was born in 1984 in a middle sized city in Bulgaria. Yes – you are reckoning correct and I am 31 years old now…

I still live here and don’t actually plan on moving anywhere – Bulgaria is one of the best places in the world and being a Bulgarian makes it The Best.

I started my career in a Copy center which actually gave me a few opportunities to develop my graphic design skills, but mostly my copy-writing skills. I made a few designs there – business cards mostly and a few wallpapers and brochures and for the time being was very happy with my work. There I learned a great deal about documents and documentation formats, paper formatting, and other stuff connected to printing and print design. But money takes over, so I was off the course for 3-4 years working as a Computer Hardware consultant / seller which was a good experience in terms of computers and hardware, multimedia devices and such.

After that I moved on as a Product Manager in a company that deals with Computer, Printer and Stationery mainly, but not only. As back office support for all the employees in the sales department and the front office my responsibility was not only to acquire good stock with very competitive prices, but also to design or create all marketing materials for the company, to make sure they had real weapons and loaded. Aside from that, in this Company I was responsible for creating business cards, brochures, flyers, labels, posters and any other graphic design materials, all the graphic design work was my responsibility. I was making clients and dealers promotions, and monitoring their executions and success rate.

Around this time I decided and took two learning courses – English up to C1 in Alexander Language School, and a full year course of  Graphic Design – High level in Intelecti Ltd.

Three years ago I moved to the Big City and then my true devotion and development as Graphic Designer started. I have made web content and promotional materials for a couple of companies which if you are interested may see in the Portfolio section. This is the time where my hunger for web content, marketing and graphic design became bigger and bigger.

Two years ago I started working as a Freelancer in my extra time ant it already bear fruit. I learned a tremendous amount of new things and started to use them in my work. I made a few websites (online stores) – some from zero to 100 completion of others only chassis and frame. I learned OpenCart  and WordPress systems and do not intend to stop with them.

But the most important thing happened in my life is this = I have a baby girl named Karina, born March 2015. You will not see a picture, because I’m a little superstitious, and yes She IS the most beautiful and cute thing in the world!

So if you got all here to the end of this section, I get that you had spare time. And I don’t actually, so please respect that, and I will respect you!

My Skills

Mostly based on Experience

Successful skills growth last year:

It took me over 3 years to bring myself to build this site and more than 10 years to develop these skills. When being a professional who claims to be or wants the Design Ninja, graphic design skills are not the only skillsets needed. A true professional should understand the principles of content marketing, social marketing, growth hacks and also should have some solid knowledge of the different Content Management systems.

My Favorite Quote

'Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.'

Steve Jobs